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2018 Honda HRV Engine, Performance, News

2018 Honda HRV front

When it comes to SUV market, automakers are racing who will sooner to present its new model. The company Honda has prepared another new car model, and it will be the new 2018 Honda HRV. This new model will have a phenomenal exterior design, will look very modern and attractive, there will also possess many modern technologies, and therefore attract great attention of potential new customers, as family man and a younger population.

2018 Honda Pilot Review, Redesign

2018 Honda Pilot front

The Honda car manufacturers are working on a new version of the Honda car nick named the 2018 Honda Pilot. This sport utility vehicle will have a lot of changes compared to its predecessors. Some of the major changes that are expected on the car include a bigger and better engine with improved performance, advanced electronic equipment as well as more safety precautions. The car comes with an outstanding design both inside the car as well as the outside of the car. In addition to better fuel consumption, improved comfort and modern technology equipment, the car will be relatively affordable compared to other SUVs in the market.