2018 Honda Pilot Review, Redesign

2018 Honda Pilot front

The Honda car manufacturers are working on a new version of the Honda car nick named the 2018 Honda Pilot. This sport utility vehicle will have a lot of changes compared to its predecessors. Some of the major changes that are expected on the car include a bigger and better engine with improved performance, advanced electronic equipment as well as more safety precautions. The car comes with an outstanding design both inside the car as well as the outside of the car. In addition to better fuel consumption, improved comfort and modern technology equipment, the car will be relatively affordable compared to other SUVs in the market.

2018 Toyota Highlander Review, Changes

2018 Toyota Highlander front

Toyota is company which is organized to reach the top with all their vehicles. Of course that isn`t easy but they`re trying their best to achieve their goals. New 2018 Toyota Highlander is great way to make them the best in that full-size SUVs category as well. What is left is to wait and see him getting released and to see will new Highlander have all it takes to attract more customers than before.

2017 Lexus RX 350 Review, Price

2017 Lexus RX 350 front

One of the most luxurious car producers is slowly but safely going towards the top places at the 2007 year’s market and we are really not surprised. The Lexus Company has always been at least in the first ten popular vehicles at the market every year and in each segment. This time we are going to talk about the powerful SUV 2017 Lexus RX 350 which will be quite a discovery for all the layers of customers from family people to young couples. No matter who purchased it, we are sure that there will be not regrets.

2017 Ford Ecosport Review, Redesign

2017 Ford Ecosport front

There is quite big excitement about the release of the one of the iconic Ford’s model which will most likely be released till the end of this year. If you wonder which one is this we are about to tell you. A new 2017 Ford Ecosport which couldn’t be more perfect in every sense. There have been many improvements that will be added in order for it to be more attractive and suitable for the modern day drivers and their needs. Will this magnificent SUV justify its announcements and get the anticipated success we are about to see.

2017 Porsche Cayenne Review, Price

2017 Porsche Cayenne front

Knowing that Porsche is about to release one more model on the 2017 year market can make the market only better and richer because Porsche is one of the world`s best car Company that definitely know how to attract a lot of interested people. Ok they produce luxury vehicles and vehicles which can be used as status symbol but that don`t mean you can`t dream about them. One of their models, new 2017 Porsche Cayenne will appear to make you want him even more because now it is way better than his amazing previous generation. This new Cayenne will make you save money and buy him some day because it is worth every penny.

2017 Buick Encore News, Engine

2017 Buick Encore front

The new 2017 Buick Encore could be characterized as a little black cocktail dress in the car world or a classy little SUV which will suit the tastes of large number of people no matter lifestyle, shape or size. Though most of the exterior features will be exactly the same as the one of its predecessors its popularity is not subsiding at all and this is why.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox Review, Engine

2018 Chevrolet Equinox front

When you have famous model, and when you refresh it after only 2 years on the market, it`s obvious that you want to make it even better and it`s mostly going to have some changes under the hood. New 2018 Chevrolet Equinox will be exactly that. Nothing much will be changed in the design area but according to some rumors, Chevrolet will give him new set of engine, we are almost 100% sure about that. Let`s take a little closer look to new Equinox and see what will be there.

2017 Ford Kuga Interior and Exterior Design

2017 Ford Kuga front

Kuga is surely one of the Ford`s most popular SUV model, especially on the European market and with new Kuga announcements, Ford wants to establish his position on the US market. 2017 Ford Kuga is surely something we`re happy to see because we are thrilled with everything he has shown so far so we know that Ford won`t let him out of the factory not being better than before.

2017 Toyota Fortuner Design and Innovations

2017 Toyota Fortuner front

Japanese carmaker Toyota offers a large number of vehicles from different categories, but in the last decade particular emphasis on cars from category SUV, primarily model Land Cruiser, Highlander and Fortuner. Model Fortuner will soon get a new generation in 2017, it will be upgraded in every segment and it is expected that the manufacturer will devote much attention to every detail on this new SUV. It is expected that 2017 Toyota Fortuner will attract great attention of new potential customers as well as that it will be much bigger competitor in the automobile market.

2017 Cadillac SRX Redesign and Changes

2017 Cadillac SRX front

According to rumors that we got a Cadillac SRX will no longer be produced under that name and the last generation of this model will be launched in 2017, and next year it will replace the new model, which will be called XT5. The new 2017 Cadillac SRX will have a large number of changes and improvements over its predecessor. It is expected that the next change in the design of this new model will get a new aluminum chassis that will bring a number of positive things.