2017 Toyota RAV4 Redesign, Design, Review

Being true Toyota`s fan, you must know that their most famous SUV model called RAV4 is getting bigger with every next generation. This time, when we`ve heard that new 2017 Toyota RAV4 will appear, we`ve imagined to see even bigger RAV4 which can be fully accepted on the US market because, to be honest, Americans do love their big vehicles. With RAV4 becoming full-size SUV, we are even more sure that he`s going to have even brighter future in front of him.

2017 Toyota RAV4 front

2017 Toyota RAV4 Redesign, Design, Review

As we`ve mentioned, new 2017 Toyota RAV4 will have even bigger outdoor dimensions but because of more used materials, Toyota had to figure something out to make his overall weight the same as before, or maybe even reduced. This time, biggest part of the new RAV4 will be made using top quality, lightweight carbon fiber which is strong and lightweight in the same time. Using this kind of material means that new RAV4 will become more expensive than before. Other than that, we can see that the shape of RAV4 is slightly changed, lowering it`s front part down, making it better for the air to flow which makes his aerodynamic abilities improved. Every lamp on new 2017 Toyota RAV4 will receive new set of LED technology lamps, probably those that shine better while they use less power. Both of his bumpers are stronger due to that carbon fiber usage and we can see that the air vents are larger which tells us that we can hope to see better engine unit under the hood of new RAV4.

Thanks to bigger dimensions of new 2017 Toyota RAV4 we can see that the passengers will be more than pleased with it`s roomy cabin. Every one of 7 passengers will enjoy the ride because they are going to sit inside amazingly designed seats made from finest Alcantara leather and with better lumbar support. When you have both cooling and heating options installed in them, we are even more sure that you`re going to love the ride inside new 2017 Toyota RAV4. Toyota announced totally new infotainment system  to be installed in new RAV4 which tells us that almost all the functions present in the previous generation will be removed with some extra advanced ones, both safety and entertainment ones.

2017 Toyota RAV4 side

2017 Toyota RAV4 Performance, Power, Engine

So far, based on the rumors because Toyota still haven`t revealed any information`s about it, only one engine is known to be available for new 2017 Toyota RAV4. It`s probably going to be his basic choice and if those rumors are true, it should be 2.0-liter turbocharged engine unit. This mighty and useful engine is able to deliver 235 horsepower and max torque amount of 256 lb/ft. We still don`t have details about his transmission system but we think that Toyota will make him available with both automatic and manual gear boxes. Thanks to better aerodynamic abilities, we know that fuel consumption will be reduced, even though Toyota still haven`t confirmed that.

2017 Toyota RAV4 rear

2017 Toyota RAV4 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

$30k will be enough to put you basic trim level of new 2017 Toyota RAV4 inside your garage. To do that, you`ll probably going to have to wait until the beginning of 2017 or maybe a month before it.

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