2017 Toyota 4Runner Design and Features

Car manufacturer Toyota is highly respected in the world and their cars are at the top in almost all categories, but the cars that stand out the most are the small city cars and SUV. One car in the SUV category, which is one of the most famous from this manufacturer, will soon get a new generation on the market, and it is a new 2017 Toyota 4Runner. It is expected that this new car will get a lot of changes inside and out, while under the hood will find the engine with even more power.

2017 Toyota 4Runner front

2017 Toyota 4Runner Design and Features

The exterior of the new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will look very stylish and attractive. It is assumed that this manufacturer as well as with most new models to insert a new aluminum chassis that will bring a lot of positive things. It is assumed that the front grille will also be redesigned and will be given new details made of chromium, and will look very modern. The front bumper of this powerful SUV will be massive and will have a large air intake in the middle which will in addition to the engine cooling, will be used for better aerodynamics of the car. It is expected that front and rear lights of this car will be updated with the new modern LEDs, also there will be a 17-inch or 18-inch alloy wheels, depending on the package.

When it comes to comfort of this new SUV it is expected that it will be at the highest level, primarily because the seats will be upholstered with the highest quality leather, and will have heaters. The new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will also be very well equipped with a large number of modern technology such as touch screen, navigation, parking sensors, modern audio device, adaptive cruise control, stability control, traction control, blind spot monitoring, USB, Bluetooth, Wi -Fi, air bags and much more.

2017 Toyota 4Runner side

2017 Toyota 4Runner Engine expectations

It is assumed that the new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will have under the hood 4.0-liter V6 engine that will be able to create about 270 horsepower and will have a torque of 376 Nm, while average fuel consumption will be around 22 mpg. According to rumors this new model will be offered 2.7-liter petrol engine and 2.8-liter diesel engine, but it is still not officially confirmed.

2017 Toyota 4Runner interior

2017 Toyota 4Runner Release and Price range

The new 2017 Toyota 4Runner will be released on the car market in January of 2017. The price of the new SUV will be between $ 33.000 and $ 42,000.

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