2017 Opel Mokka Engine and Gearbox

One of the best-selling subcompact crossover at the European car market is about to hit the 2017 year’s showrooms and it caused waves of positive reactions. The vehicle we are talking about is the new 2017 Opel Mokka which will most certainly makes quite an entrance. This title that we have mentioned seems to enable it to make just slight refreshing changes and have the same if not bigger popularity than previous model. This is present among the loyal fans of Mokka while for us, who are the ones to be impressed something more inventive is necessary to evoke the attention and desire.

2017 Opel Mokka Front

2017 Opel Mokka Special features, rumors

As previous model, the new 2017 Opel Mokka is a small size SUV with pretty modern and exciting appearance. It will keep the same boxy shape of its body but it will have its weight lowered due to the utilization of platform with the combination of carbon fiber and aluminum which are lightweight but firm and durable. There will also be some styling moments such as U-shape grille with small ventilation openings, and large eye-like headlights supplied with LED diodes. The hood is sloppy which will provide the vehicle with necessary aerodynamics. The interesting color options will be provided in order for you to make your vehicle more personalized.

2017 Opel Mokka Interior

Many special features supplied inside the new 2017 Opel Mokka will make it able to follow trends set by the car market as well as its customers. The general appearance of its interior will be rather straightforward, covered with the finest materials of the variety of color options and quite functional instrument board. 2017 Opel Mokka will have the capacity of receiving five passengers which will feel quite welcomed, comfortable and safe. Each seat will be provided with the seat belts, air bags and storage space. The rear seats are supportive and pleasant to lean on while the front ones can even be heated and ventilated besides the possible position adjustments. All the interior devices along with locks and windows will be electronically controlled. The high-tech devices supplied will be automatic climate control, new audio system, cruise control, and navigation among others.

2017 Opel Mokka Engine and Gearbox

Up till this point we did not get any significant information about the changes of the engine options in new 2017 Opel Mokka. There are though few engines which have been named as the potential powertrains of this model. The first one is a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol unit with the production of 115 horsepower. The second option will be 1.7-liter turbocharged unit which will generate approximately 140 horsepower. And the last one will be a 1.7-liter diesel unit with the development of 130 horsepower and impressive 320 Nm of torque. The top speed of 190 kmh will be easily developed while the sprint to 100 mph will be done in 10 seconds.

2017 Opel Mokka Rear

2017 Opel Mokka Performance and Fuel economy

One of the most attractive features will be 2017 Opel Mokka pricing which will make it competitive and very desirable. It will be starting as $26 000 and won’t come bellow it. The 2017 Opel Mokka grand debut might happen till the end of this year or with the start of 2017 in February.

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