2017 Mercedes GLC Review and Specs

Mercedes Company will keep its car production on, already traditional high level. For the 2017 they have prepared many impressive vehicles which will be present in all the segments at the market and are set for the success. One of the vehicles we would like to single out is the upcoming 2017 Mercedes GLC which simply won’t be overlooked but will rather make all the eyes glued to it. Its manufacturers have announced a complete makeover as well as the powerful upgrades but we won’t rely on words only we are going to check it out.

2017 Mercedes GLC Front

2017 Mercedes GLC Review and Specs

And of course, that the styling process will be sophisticated and will make new 2017 Mercedes GLC a real bomb. Though there will be many details similar to the previous versions nobody can deny the elegance and sense of power it leaves. Its body will be sleek with sharp side lines which will give it a muscular and serious character. The nose part of this dazzling SUV model will be tastefully structured with the large wire-like grille with discreet ventilation system; it will receive new LED head and rear lights. Its body will look firm and strong but it won’t be sluggishly heavy due to the usage of the aluminum for its construction. It will be offered in variety of colors of which the most popular will be metallic blue, pearl white and fiery red.

2017 Mercedes GLC Interior

The cabin will be even more upgraded and supplied with all the high-quality materials. The new 2017 Mercedes GLC will be incredibly spacious and will be able to accommodate five people. They will be placed on cozy leather upholstery. The front seats can be adjusted, heated and ventilated while the rear ones can be folded to make cargo space even larger. The cabin will be airy, luminous and highly-equipped with all the modern day devices. It will all be easy manageable and will enable driver to adjust the vehicle to needs of the passengers as well as to entertain them. We will only mention dual-zone automatic climate control, USB ports, a panoramic sunroof, eight-speaker sound system among others.

2017 Mercedes GLC Fuel and Power

Unfortunately we cannot say that you can choose the engine you like to empower your 2017 Mercedes GLC since only one is offered. This will be a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder engine which will offer 241 horsepower which is great. It will be combined with the stop-start technology as well as impressive 9-speed automatic transmission system. The 2017 Mercedes GLC fuel ratings we got from its manufacturers is 22 in the city, 28 on a highway and 24 mpg combined which is appropriate but could be improved.

2017 Mercedes GLC Rear

2017 Mercedes GLC Release and Price tag

What is even more surprising is that this is actually going to be the vehicle with the lowest starting price from Mercedes family. It will be worth $38,950 which is excellent. The new 2017 Mercedes GLC will be ready for the release till the end of this year or the beginning of 2017 year or January of the same year.

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