2017 Lincoln Navigator Styling, devices

Get ready, because the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator is at our door. One of the most luxurious producers at the market is about to make a grand entrance of their most elegant, classy and powerful model and we are all dazzled with what we can see. Despite of the fact that the base design is the same the details added to this gorgeous model has left us breathless. But its appearance is not the only thing that will make it overshadow all the other luxury models, there are still plenty of features not apparent at the first sight and we are going to dig them out. 

2017 Lincoln Navigator Front

2017 Lincoln Navigator Styling, devices

The new 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be a real master piece. Every single detail about its exterior design will be a pleasure to our eyes and will make us want it more. Though this will be a full-size SUV it won’t be heavy due to the utilization of the lightweight materials in its construction. Its doors will be opening upwards like a real space ship and the entrance will be enabled due to the movable wooden steps. According to its rather rectangular design with the edgy ends we can see that it will be a rival to the Bentley Bentayga which is not that easy to overpower. It will be supplied with the lovely alloy wheels, pair of radiant LED headlights as well as wide grille with small air vents.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Interior

The interior will be the luxury that not all can afford but are striving towards it. The cabin of the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator will offer plenty of space for the five passengers and their cargo. The seats will be electronically controlled and adjusted in different positions and heights. The materials used for its cladding will be of premium quality and color options. Each seat will be supplied with the cup holders, separate storage space and possibly tablets for the entertainment during the ride. Its interior will be highly technologically upgraded and all the controls will be on touch or voice control.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Engine, performances

One more exclusive element of surprise will be 2017 Lincoln Navigator engine options which will make you want it even more. The starting engine will be a twin-turbocharged 3.5 L V-6 engine which will be able to offer the output of 380 hp which is more than we hoped for. The new 2017 Lincoln Navigator also has a certain flaws in this area but there is still enough time to change it to better. This is a fuel consumption which is rated at 18 mpg combined and this is quite bad for the vehicle of its quality but expected. We are sure that the manufacturers won’t leave it like that since all of them are strive for the perfection.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Side

2017 Lincoln Navigator Price tag, release date

The potential period for the grand launching of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be August of 2017 year which is plenty of time to bring it to the perfection. The price tag will make this model out of the reach for the common people and make it a prestige we are striving for. So, 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be starting at $64 000 which is rather exclusive but will definitively pay off for the ones willing to pay this much.

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