2017 Hyundai Veracruz New features

After not so glamorous reception of the previous Veracruz models which have been released during the past years it seems that Hyundai has learned its lesson and this time it is ready to come out with the improved a promising model – 2017 Hyundai Veracruz. All the bets are placed on it but we are not sure if this was a wise move concerning the fact that first info about it says that it looks pretty much the same as the previous models but still let’s give it a chance to impress us.

2017 Hyundai Veracruz Front

2017 Hyundai Veracruz Unchanged design

The new 2017 Hyundai Veracruz will be a standard SUV with the robust and firm structure, not too cocky or extremely luxurious but will have the elegance of its own. The aluminum platform will give it the desirable maneuverability and will regulate its fuel consumption and boost its powertrains. It will have classy body lines and just a bit lowered nose for better aerodynamics. The front fascia will receive new headlights, trapezoidal grille with horizontal lines and large air vents. It will also possess the pair of radiant fog lights which will improve its visibility during the problematic weather conditions. In order to look even more powerful it will be supplied with 19-inches alloy wheels and number of different color options.

2017 Hyundai Veracruz Interior

Concerning the interior, we can say that it will be more or less the same with just slight stylistic changes. The upcoming 2017 Hyundai Veracruz will be able to offer to its passengers a high level of comfort and safety as well as entertainment for the entire family. The inner surfaces will be furnished with the Alcantara leather with variety of combinations and quite classy wooden details on some parts of it. There will be enough places for five passengers which will have enough head and leg space and will feel relaxed during the long and tedious ride. The dashboard will be simple, sleek and functional without too many controls and with number of high-tech devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, air-conditioning, cruise control, full power accessorize, premium audio system and so much more.

2017 Hyundai Veracruz New features

The powertrains the new 2017 Hyundai Veracruz is about to use will provide it with all the power and performances it needs. As far as we know there will be only one engine, at least for now, and this will be 5.0 liters V8 with the production of around 450 horsepower as well as 380 pound feet of torque. It will be combined with the 8-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive respectively.

2017 Hyundai Veracruz Rear

2017 Hyundai Veracruz Unofficial info

The 2017 Hyundai Veracruz might appear at showrooms somewhere in November of 2016 year and we are quite excited to see whether there will be some more improvements till that period. The 2017 Hyundai Veracruz price is estimated on $ 39, 000 for the base model which was expected.

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