2017 Honda HRV Exterior and Interior Style

There isn`t a people alive which don`t know how great success Honda had with the HRV when they`ve released it first time, especially on the European market. Now, they`ve announced that new generation of HRV will appear and their biggest attempt is to make him attractive for the customers on the US ground as well. We`ve prepared small review of new 2017 Honda HRV to see if we can accept it and if most of the US customers will love him.

2017 Honda HRV front

2017 Honda HRV Exterior and Interior Style

First thing new 2017 Honda HRV must do to become US favorite SUV is to become bigger than before. Honda made his wheelbase longer and they`ve made it bigger than before making him more capable for off-road driving as well. New, larger set of alloy wheels will also going to be placed on new HRV and we expect him to become favorite for the younger generations and for the big families as well. Some of the details on new 2017 Honda HRV will be also made bigger than before. Headlights and grille on the front and taillights and exhaustion pipes on back. The shape and overall style of HRV will be remained but we can notice that Honda really wanted to make something new on this spectacular SUV to make him attractive for the American customers. There will be more than enough exterior color choices available and we know that Honda will give him better lamps that he used to have making him safer on the road.

Ok, you all know that new 2017 Honda HRV will be bigger than before but it`s going to be available to receive 5 passengers inside, nothing more or less than it used to have. Good news is that now, every one of those 5 passengers inside will have more room to be cozy and more room to place all the luggage they want inside bigger cargo area. Honda will try to install some new functions as the part of the newest infotainment system of new HRV. Among the others, there will be: Bluetooth, USB, 4G LTE internet connection, audio system, satellite radio, new navigation system, cruise and traction control, parking sensors on the front and on the back of new 2017 Honda HRV. Better seats design will be something to make him different than the others and we know that Honda will offer better lumbar support and cooling and heating options for some more demanding trim levels.

2017 Honda HRV rear

2017 Honda HRV Engine Modifications, Specs

Because of the really small amount of information`s about the engine unit for new 2017 Honda HRV we have only one engine options known for it. That is 1.8-liter inline-4 i-VTEC unit which can supply new HRV with the power of 141 horsepower and torque amount of maximum 127 lb/ft. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be paired with this engine unit and we expect this gear box to be only available for every engine choice there could be for new HRV. Of course, all wheel drive mode will be available for new 2017 Honda HRV and because of that, we expect to see him more off-road capable as we`ve mentioned.

2017 Honda HRV interior

2017 Honda HRV Price and Launch Date, Rumors

Starting price for new 2017 Honda HRV will be little more than we`ve expected and little more than his predecessor was priced. Now, new HRV will start selling from $25.000 and we expect him to be seen on the streets from the beginning of 2017.

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