2017 Honda Element Top price, launch date

We cannot say that this will be a sophisticated nor super-elegant model, but what it for sure is that it will be a unique travel companion which the most extraordinary structure you have never seen before. The new 2017 Honda Element is a vehicle for all the family members and even their beloved pet. There are no many vehicles which are pet friendly so if you cannot imagine your vacation without your favorite little buddy the upcoming Element it a perfect choice. We were quite impressed with the announcement of this model so we decided to provide you with a bit detailed specification of what it might offer.

2017 Honda Element Front

2017 Honda Element Styling, review

What we can say about the exterior styling of the new 2017 Honda Element is that it is rather held simple, functional but utterly effective and it will draw attention with its rather odd but lovely body structure. It will have boxy cabin part and short nose part which will be equipped with the massive bumper, square colorful grille with the boxy LED headlights and large ventilation system. There will be number of color options all quite radiant and attractive. The lightweight chassis will reduce its weight and boost its power options.

2017 Honda Element Interior

This won’t be a regular SUV model but it will differ from all the other vehicles you’ve ever seen. The interior will be more than spacious, with the three rows of seats along with the cargo space specially created to accommodate your pet besides luggage. The new 2017 Honda Element will have its seats covered in either vinyl or fabric of premium quality. All the seats will be adjustable while the front ones can even be heated. The dashboard will be easy manageable and polished so that driver can drive without distraction. From the technological features it will contain LCD display, air-conditioning, navigation, audio system, and Wi-Fi access. The 2017 Honda Element cargo space is specially designed to be pet friendly, with the place for your pet’s equipment and toys and will also be isolated with the special materials so that your pet doesn’t get cold or overheated during the ride.

2017 Honda Element Powertrains, rumors

There won’t be significant changes when it comes to the 2017 Honda Element powertrains. It will depend on only one engine which is going to be a 2.4 liters engine with the production of around 166 horsepower as well as 160 lb ft torque. It will be able to develop an output of 112 mph and will be quite efficient with the fuel ratings of 27 mpg in the city and 34 mpg on a highway.

2017 Honda Element Rear

2017 Honda Element Top price, launch date

What will be most attractive about the new 2017 Honda Element are all the things you can get for such a low price. It will be starting at $19 000 which is fantastic and might come out till the September of this year or just a bit later.

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