2017 Ford Kuga Interior and Exterior Design

Kuga is surely one of the Ford`s most popular SUV model, especially on the European market and with new Kuga announcements, Ford wants to establish his position on the US market. 2017 Ford Kuga is surely something we`re happy to see because we are thrilled with everything he has shown so far so we know that Ford won`t let him out of the factory not being better than before.

2017 Ford Kuga front

2017 Ford Kuga Interior and Exterior Design, Style

First thing they need to do when they`re trying to make SUV closer to the American customers is to make it bigger. New 2017 Ford Kuga will be exactly that, bigger in every dimension you take a look on it. There won`t be some iconic difference on him when we compare him with the previous generation but even the minor ones will be spectacular. Front part will be equipped with the same headlights design but with larger grille made entirely from chrome and those amazing vertical bars are becoming even nicer. Fog lights and air vents are also bigger than they`ve used to be. 2017 Ford Kuga will have his overall weight reduced thanks to usage of more carbon fiber than before. On the hood, more lines are added to make the appearance better than before.

With the overall dimensions getting bigger, it`s obvious that new 2017 Ford Kuga will be bigger inside and that he`s going to be available to accept more passengers than before, to be precise, new Kuga can be available to receive 8 passengers in biggest trim level. Every one of those 8 passengers will be more than cozy and every one of them will have more than enough room to be relaxed. When it comes to the overall cabin design of new 2017 Ford Kuga we are sure that it`s going to be nicer and made with finer and softer materials. Some of the newly added functions which will be added are: parking sensors, rear view camera, Bluetooth and USB connection, cruise and traction control, newly added navigation system, better audio system with more speakers, more airbags and many others yet to be revealed.

2017 Ford Kuga rear

2017 Ford Kuga Engine, Power, Transmission

Ford still haven`t revealed more than one engine unit. This time, 2017 Ford Kuga will be powered with 2.0-liter 4-cylinder unit which can be able enough to supply it with 161 horsepower and with 251 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. This will be basic engine choice for new Kuga but he`s definitely going to be available with some additional engine choices. 6-speed automatic gear box will be mated to this engine because that is Ford`s traditional gear box and they`ve made it closer to the perfection.

2017 Ford Kuga interior

2017 Ford Kuga Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date of new 2017 Ford Kuga is still hidden from the eyes of the customers and we are sure that he can`t be released before the summer of 2017, not before June. His starting price will probably be around $28.000.

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