2017 Acura MDX Body style and design

As Hondas best elegant SUV models, the Acura went through the number of changes from their first release till today and we all loved it. This time we are about to introduce you to the upcoming 2017 Acura MDX which is one of the most popular Aura models for the American market and this time it will come out with even more improvements and novelties in order to stand out at showrooms. Its performances will be boosted and its design will be refreshed and made a bit classier than before.

2017 Acura MDX Front

2017 Acura MDX Body style and design

The exterior of the powerful 2017 Acura MDX will be very similar to the design of the previous versions. This will be a mid-size crossover with the rectangular shape of the body with the sharp lines and polished curves. The massive front part will be supplied with the potent bumper and quite stylish V-shape 3D grille with honeycomb ventilation. The headlights, taillights and fog ones will be supplied with the LED technology which will make it look quite sophisticated. It will have great aerodynamics due to the shorter sloppy nose and angular windshield with the rain sensitive wipers. The tires will be tastefully decorated with 19-inch alloy wheels.

2017 Acura MDX Interior

Concerning the interior atmosphere we can say that it will be quite pleasant and welcoming. The new 2017 Acura MDX will be roomy, with plenty of ample space and lots of natural light. There will be enough seats for eight passengers who will most certainly enjoy their adventurous ride sitting in the cozy leather upholstery which is supportive and adjustable at the same time. There will also be some wooden details to create the atmosphere just like home. There will also be number of the technological featured upgraded which is quite important for the modern day drivers. The dashboard will be kept clean and simple with the low number of control knobs and vast number of options on a large touchscreen system. So, it will possess the Smartphone integration, three-zone climate control, rear view camera, satellite navigation and brand new audio system.

2017 Acura MDX Gearbox and engine

Though the engine option won’t be different but rather the same as for the previous models its performances will be improved. The engine being used to empower the new 2017 Acura MDX will be 3.5 L, V6 engine with the ability to develop 290 hp and great 267 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be twinned with the 6-speed automatic gearbox and either front or all-wheel drive mode. The 2017 Acura MDX fuel consumption will depend on a mode used so the front-wheel mode will use 20 mpg in the city, 28 mpg on a highway and 23 mpg combined while the all-wheel drive will consume 18 mpg in the city, 27 mpg on a highway and 21 mpg combined. The sprint to 60 mph will be done in 7.5 seconds which is amazing.

2017 Acura MDX Rear

2017 Acura MDX Price and Launch date

The official still did not announced the final release of the new 2017 Acura MDX but it is believed that it will happen in August of 2017 year or even earlier. The price for 2017 Acura MDX will be in a range from $ 42,000 to $ 57,000 which is rather high but comes with the high quality and great capabilities.

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